Stonemasonry Cleaning and Repairs

Restoring period properties to their former glory

Saving London’s stonework

We are able to clean unpainted stonework to its original colours by removing dirt and grime which has built up over the years. For this process we use chemicals and nebulous spraying.

We also include a Stone Repair Service. We can refurbish stonework, even the most intricate stonework, using traditional methods and original products to rebuild even the most decayed stonework back to how it once was. This is a highly skilled technique and we only employ first class, highly experienced tradesmen to fulfil these projects.

First class stonemasonry

The integrity of a period property relies on its aesthetics. If you’re looking to restore your home to its former glory then restoration of the stonework is a great place to start. Our experts will refurbish the existing stonework back to its original build state.

Excellent results every time

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