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Pointing is a very specialist skill. It is a very important aspect of the construction of a building, helping to keep water out of the building. There is a big difference between good pointing and bad pointing. Pointing can, if correctly carried out give a good aesthetic lift to the building and remain functional, add value to the property and generally enhance the building (see gallery). Pointing that has not been carried out correctly can devalue the property and could cause the reverse.

We specialise in a Ribbon Cut Joint. This joint is the closest to a Tuck Joint, although less costly without compromising on finish. The perpendicular joints and bed joints are cut top and bottom giving a very thin clean cut joint that is precise and very neat without mortar stains on the brickwork. The Ribbon Cut is highly decorative and carried out by highly skilled tradesmen, who are able to produce perfect lines and joints. Weather struck joints and flush joints are also a speciality of ours, although each style of brick requires a different style of pointing. We are happy to discuss and advice the most suitable joint for your property and brickwork. On most occasions all raking out of old mortar is done by hand, although, we are able to mechanically remove using a dust free system.

We have many examples of our work and recommend you take time to look at these and from any other potential contractors you may consider using in the future.

A complete brick pointing service

In some cases it may be possible to ‘patch point’ a small area, that may have suffered from damage, although we recommend that for the maximum impact and effect re-pointing the whole elevation is generally best. If you are considering re-pointing we would always recommend the comparatively inexpensive procedure of a brick clean before re-pointing. Most small areas of internal damp are due to ineffective or non-existing pointing externally, especially if in the vicinity of a leaking, blocked gutter or downpipe.

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