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Specialists in brickwork paint removal

Removing paint from brickwork

Removing paint from brick work is a time consuming and messy part of our restoration work. The final results of removing layer upon layer of old paintwork to reveal the brickwork is dramatic and will completely change the look of a property. See the results in our gallery. This process will add value to the property and also help in preserving the brickwork. By removing paint it allows the brickwork to breathe naturally, that way reducing future maintenance costs from blown brick work and damp areas forming on the interior of the property. Even the smallest of cracks in the paintwork will allow moisture to eventually find its way in behind the paint and slowly erode the brick face. In some cases we are happy to provide a costing from photographs of the area prior to works commencing, although a site survey should take place and an area tested so that a full appraisal can be given on the brickwork.

All of the paint and debris removed from the brickwork is safely collected by way of industrial vacuums and removed from site.

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Experts in paint removal

The Paint Removal process involves applying a specially formulated paint remover to the brickwork, which then slowly dissolves the paint. This process may need to be repeated three or four times depending on the amount of layers of paint on the brick face or the type of paint being removed. Once the paint removal process has taken place, the bricks are then given a chemical clean which removes all residues, carbon and other dirt. This treatment restores the bricks to their original colours.

Stunning brickwork revealed after paint removal

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